Things you should take note on!!

This blog is about knowing the correct way in handling a healthy lifestyle. This is to be able to distinguish unique ways and practice discipline when it comes to diets and exercises. The goal is to at least explain and give many examples for my readers to understand and may use these tips for future purposes. Also, I’ll be giving 5 do’s and 5 don’ts when improving lifestyle.

*the photos used in this blog do not belong to me but to it’s rightful owners*

DO’s that leads to a healthy lifestyle

     1. Be DETERMINED and MOTIVATED! (Photo: Click Here)

This can help you reach your professional and personal goals. In doing something, everyone needs a lil’ inspiration. This makes us more motivated in doing tasks.motivation

     2. Do VARIOUS exercises! (Photo: Christian Thibaudeau )

It is more recommended that you should exercise daily so you can maintain your physical appearance and be more active than before.


     3. Manage your TIME! (Photo: BrianAJackson/iStock)

It is best when you set and divide your time in doing tasks equally and balanced. So that, you will be able to do things at the right time.

time management

     4. Set your GOALS! (Photo: Click Here)\

Setting a goal will make you more motivated in accomplishing things. You are able to plan a step-by-step plan so that you can get things done.


     5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! (Photo: Click Here)

Of course, when you are tasked to do something. No matter how a lot of people believe in you but you don’t, do you think you will be able to do it? Have some faith in yourself!!


DON’Ts that must be followed

      1. Don’t SKIP MEALS (Photo: Click Here)

Skipping meals won’t help in decreasing your weight but it can lead you to sickness like ulcer. There is nothing wrong in eating 3-5 times a day, you just have to limit what you eat per meal.

dont skip meals

      2. Stay AWAY from STRESS (Photo: Click Here)

Stress can also lead to sickness and irritation in the head. You should at least take breaks when you have finished or half-way finished your work. Overworking is also bad for your eyes and health.


      3. Don’t SKIP SLEEP (Photo: Click Here)

I know it’s hard to catch up with your sleep because there is so much to do but you should also consider and be more aware about your health.


      4. Don’t be NEGATIVE (Photo: Click Here)

Even if you are having a bad day, always think about the bright and positive sides that happened during your day. You should set aside the negative vibes because it can also affect your surroundings.


      5. Do not SMOKE or cause unnecessary HARM to YOURSELF

As you do these like smoking, you can get diseases like lung cancer. Also, avoid self harm.



Remember! Always keep this in mind. Even though it is already common sense but always remember to take care of yourself. Do not do anything  that can harm you and prevent you in having a healthy lifestyle.



Exercises for athletes and young adults: click here!

These intense and effective exercises can be done in 10 reps and 2 sets meaning, you do 10 reps then do the another 10 reps per exercise.

How to start a healthy diet and some tips by “Clean & Delicious”: click here!

She explains the basic step-by-step process in starting a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.



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